On the Subject of Tattooooooooos

Jasper Rasch Siverts

Med tekst, bevegelse og bilder søker Jasper etter å synliggjøre vår tids fragmentering og mangel på store narrativer ved å sette søkelyset på tatoveringens tilstedeværelse i vår samtid

The performance thematizes the condition of our time. Where there no longer is a coherent collective narrative and we no longer know how to make sense of our lives. We have adopted the industrial age’s territorial approach, in to our time model. Just as we colonized space, we are now witnessing the colonization of time. All this due to individualism, interruptions, the constant stream of information and the transformation from a cyclic time model to a linear time model. As a symptom of this disassociation between collective myth or meaning and individual identity, we mark our bodies with ink. To make the impermanence of our reality constant, and create our own identity markers.


Idé, tekst, video og utøver: Jasper Rasch Siverts

Kunstnerisk veileder: Shanti Brahmachari