Kunst som politikk: Kunst som aktivisme


Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret,
torsdag 28. oktober,
kl. 18.00 – 19.30

Paneldebatt om kunstnerisk aktivisme og politisk kunst med Barbara Santos, Lars Kjemphol, Vjolla Emiri og Hanna Asefaw, 

Gratis inngang, åpent for alle

Bárbara Santos worked for two decades with Augusto Boal – Brazilian playwright and creator of Theatre of the Oppressed. She was general coordinator of the Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed (CTO) and collaborator for the development of Legislative Theatre and Aesthetics of the Oppressed. She is artistic director of KURINGA – space for Theatre of the Oppressed in Berlin and founder of the Ma(g)dalena International – Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed Network composed by practitioners and collectives from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Vjolla is a musician and educator. They are a community organiser, creative producer and lead trainer, and their projects cross the boundaries between music, art and activism. Their skills lie in direct action training, strategic and creative campaign planning – with emphasis on the role art has in creating strategy and campaigns for social change. Their work has an intersectional and holistic approach with focus on constructing solidarity between and within communities. Vjolla draws experience from working with youths and young adults from the creative field, having had key roles within various transnational and local networks, collectives and groups focusing on the impacts and realities of class, gender and sexuality. Vjolla is one of the co-founders of Nordic Climate Justice Programme (NCJP). NCJP is a trainer’s collective within the nordics (SWE, NOR and DK) that delivers social movement and activist trainings, building capacity in activist education and is aiming to be a hub of connection between grassroot organizations and groups within the nordic countries.

Lars Kjemphol often refers to his work as anti-art; projects that incorporate both graffiti and street-art intervention – but, as opposed to the hidden world of street art reserved for a select few, Kjemphol’s installations and artworks invite to interaction, fun, and shared experiences. He has an approach to art where art and life are the same. He is behind a number of large projects such as the social sculpture «Woodland Skateboards», the artist group «Sisyfos minigolfklubb» and the alternative cultural offer «NorskAntikunstsenter». Lars is a multi-artist who has, among other things, exhibited at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands and Roskilde Festival. 

Hanan Benammar is an Algerian and French artist based in Oslo who works conceptually on geopolitical, environmental and social issues. She holds an MA from the Academy of Fine-arts of Oslo (Norway) and a second MA from the Dutch Art Institute (The Netherlands). Benammar’s practice ranges between music, sound and video installation, performance, sculpture and art in public space. Many of her works are made on a long time period, dedicated to a process that will unfold on a life-time scale and repeat over time in different forms. She has exhibited and performed in numerous places. Lately at Bildmuseet (Umeå), Radikal Unsichtbar (Hamburg), Across the Golden Bridge (Reykjavík), BEK/Bergen Kjøtt (Bergen), Kunstnerforbundet (Oslo) and Le Cube (Rabat) among others. In 2018, she was also one of the co-authors and performers of the theatre play Ways of Seeing, which continues to have to this day unprecedented consequences on the Norwegian society and political landscape. 

Hanna Asefaw is a human geographer, an activist and artist within literary- and performing arts, who through experimentation with various forms of expression tells stories about identity, liberation and the memories that are stuck in our bodies. Her art often communicates the connection between the private and the political, the personal and the structural. She joined TekstLab Unge Stemmer in 2015 and TekstLab Inkubator in 2019. During her time there, she has performed on stages such as Sentralen, Dramatikkens Hus, Nationaltheatret and Cafeteatret. She has also participated and performed in arenas such as The Architecture Biennale in Venice, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and The Royal Palace w/ Nysirkus Bjerke and Parkteateret.

Arrangementet er en del av TekstLab Performing Arts Festival Glokale Stemmer 18-30.oktober 2021. Med nye stemmer, historier og uttrykk av kunstnere, barn og ungdom fra hele Oslo. Forestillinger, konserter, workshops, fagseminar-serien: Kunst som politikk, dialogmøter, internasjonale gjester og samtaler.

TekstLab er støttet av: Gjensidigestiftelsen, Bergesenstiftelsen, Kulturrådet, Kulturtanken, Oslo kommune, Områdeløft Grønland og Tøyen, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB og Talent Norge

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